Stephanie  Yetman

Stephanie Yetman

Real Estate Agent

Clarke Real Estate Ltd.

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Stephanie  Yetman

Stephanie Yetman

Real Estate Agent

Clarke Real Estate Ltd.

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Discover a little-known SECRET in Real Estate that can save you up to $500 or more when buying a property.  But first...

Hi, my name is Stephanie Yetman, Licensed Realtor® in Newfoundland across the Avalon Region.

I play by the rules.  Maybe it’s because I am a homeowner with a family and I believe in helping people, or maybe it’s because I think real estate Buyers and Sellers need protection.

    Before we get started, I want to introduce myself and let you know what Real Estate in Carbonear is about (and more importantly, what it’s not about).

    Real Estate in Carbonear is NOT about just listing and selling houses – yet the “full service” I provide will help you to get exponentially MORE information than ever before.  I’m talking information about the community, what’s HOT in residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, investments, the land, air rights above the land and underground rights below the land… whether you’re looking to buy or sell Real Estate in Carbonear this is where I can help you. 

... because that’s what I do.

ALSO SEE: Prime Real Estate Across The Avalon Region – see all available houses, land, commercial properties and investment properties currently on the market

    This website is NOT about selling only my own personal listings or brokerage listings – yet for full transparency, I am the exclusive Realtor® for this website because I own it.  The global marketing reach in advertising I provide online across Newfoundland, across Canada, The United States and abroad for people outside looking into Carbonear is just one key service that I offer that makes me different.  This service is exclusive to Sellers who choose me as their listing agent that cannot be duplicated by any other realtor or brokerage no matter how hard they try. 

How is this possible? 

    I don’t have the overhead or expenses other realtors have.  I pass on these savings to you. 

    Not only do I own multiple town specific websites, I am also co-owner of a marketing agency providing services of skilled coders, programmers, a photographer and graphic designer so I can focus my time on what’s most important… you.  When you want an unfair advantage to have a driven, focused and goal-oriented Realtor® in the Avalon Region of Newfoundland who delivers results work for you, this is where I can help you. 

And all you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call or throw me a text. 

Do you prefer to communicate by email?   

That works too!  

Type your questions, hit the send button and I will personally respond.

If you are currently struggling with selling your property and/or finding the right property for you…

The Realtor® you choose matters.


You may be asking yourself is the real estate agent you choose working in their best interest or yours. 

Here’s what I mean by that.

…if you take notice the realtor you are communicating with is suggesting to show you only their own personal listings, team or their own brokerage listings… they may be focused on how much money they can make rather than acting in your best interest of finding the right property or home for you.

Or, let’s say you are trying to sell your property and it is suggested if you pay a higher rate your property will be advertised across the United States.  Sounds great! 

Listen, if you are listed on MLS® anyone outside the country looking into Carbonear will find you.   The “www” in a website address stands for “World Wide Web.”  Don’t fall victim to trickery. 

More Advertising.  Full Service.  Less Fees.
Full Disclosure: You don’t need to pay more fees for FULL SERVICE in Real Estate. 

I’ll Prove It.

If you live in Carbonear and you want your property for sale featured online for the world to see…

If you want the best possible rate…

If you want the most advertising online, it just makes sense the #1 criteria on your list is to be featured on  

You might not have heard the gossip yet, but it’s true!  This service available to you.


    If you notice some properties appear on such sites as Ovlix, Point2Homes or that you don’t see on any other websites including this one it means the listing agent or TEAM has prohibited the viewing access of that property from being seen across another Realtor’s website.  While there is a “check here YES/NO” clause on the Multiple Listing Agreement this is generally unknown to the property owner and can result in potentially missing strong pre-qualified buyers. 

Why would anyone want to do this? 

    While there is nothing wrong or illegal with restricting where properties are seen online, this limits the exposure to potentially sell great properties when the listing agent is trying to force representing Both the Buyer and the Seller for their own financial and statistic gain. 

This is more commonly known as a term called “dual agency” but with a not so ethical twist.

    While it’s not illegal, properties are restricted online and offline to where they are seen.  The listing agent attempts to force taking on the role of buyer’s agent and seller’s agent at the same time in a specific transaction.  While the agent will make more money there is no direct benefit to the Seller because the property may have sold much sooner and for a higher amount without the restriction and as for the buyer… which side is the listing agent working for? 


    As the seller of a property, unless you specifically requested an “exclusive listing” this may suggest a much greater problem.  You may be unknowingly caught in the attempt to force duel agency in the sale of your listing and why it’s likely no other realtor is helping to show your property… GASP!! 

In my opinion, ask your real estate agent to fix it and make it right.

Unless you would rather restrict the number of potential viewings of your property and damper your dreams of seeing your property listed across MLS® dissolve before your eyes like a puff of smoke…

Then continue paying the unnecessary high fees and stop reading right now.




Still with me?  Great!

Here’s some value as a gift...

    What you’re about to learn is a little-known real estate secret that can save you up to $500 or more when buying a property. 

    But first, what Carbonear Real Estate is about is creating a sustainable community where people of all ages come together to live, play and work together to thrive - not just survive.  Carbonear is a growing community with advanced health care, beautiful walking trails, shopping, new franchises opening and a safe place to raise children. 

it all starts with you.

    And so, first off though - back to the secret, don’t worry if you’ve never bought or sold a property or parcel of land before. 

I have. 

With my years of experience as a licensed realtor®, background working in Human Resources and marketing ability I have the skills to help you.  

Sure, I admit that I learned this secret the hard way as it cost me $500 on the purchase of my first property back in 2010.  In knowing this secret, I saved over $500 on the purchase of my second property. 

    Here’s just one way (of many) I look out for you when you choose me to represent you when buying a property.  If the property you are looking to purchase has an oil tank and/or propane tank… when you place your offer… you can request as one of your conditions to have the Oil and/or Propane included in your purchase sale.  BRILLIANT!  This generally doesn’t get brought up until a property goes into closing and lawyers are involved working for the Seller.  If not part of your original conditions to purchase you would end up being responsible to pay for all the oil and/or propane left in the tank.. YIKES! 

That’s like getting hit with a $500 fine… no thanks!

This strategy can be used in your original offer for such things as W.E.T.T Certification, flue and chimney pipes and more. 

    Most homebuyers (especially first-time homebuyers) don’t realize that you can ask for anything that you want as part of your offer… such things as the washer and dryer, appliances… even furniture! 

That’s all part of the bargaining process where I work for you and I can help save you money.

    If you’re selling your property and I agree to take on your listing, not only will you receive a great rate starting @ 3%... I will signal to my marketing team to enter you into our “One Offer Away” CHALLENGE.  Not only will I cover ALL costs of advertising upfront at zero expense to you… I won’t hold anything back. 

At the "Congratulations, You Have An Offer” stage I’m aware of what to look for to help you be prepared so there are no surprises… I work for you from start to finish making the process as easy and profitable as possible for you.

    It’s as easy as giving me a quick call.  Anyone can do it… Full transparency remember, when the topic is about Real Estate in Carbonear or across the Avalon Region my goal is to help you achieve results… because that’s what I do.

But here’s the catch…

This will only work if you’re willing to allow me the opportunity to earn your trust... 

And it will only work if you reach out to call, text or email me with your questions or to let me know what it is you are looking for. 

I can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself first. 

The best part?

Well, breathe deep… inhale… pay close attention… and I’ll show you…

I accept the highest responsibility is on me to deliver you results.

Simply pick up your phone and give me a call. 

Do you prefer to send a text or email? 

You know what to do.

Yours for Real Estate in Carbonear,

Stephanie Yetman
Licensed Realtor®
Avalon Region
February 2019



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About Me

SELLERS Enjoy Rates from 2.99% and Premium Advertising with $0 Down.

IMPORTANT:  Did you know that 51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet?

The Modern Way to BUY or SELL a Property in Newfoundland.

Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:
Website 4:

Online Marketing Matters.

Text/ Call: (709) 597-5789

Meet Stephanie Yetman:

A homeowner, licensed real estate agent, entrepreneur, black belt martial arts instructor, domain investor and mother, Stephanie Yetman is the definition of a strong confident leading woman who has the know-how, focus, vision and established connections to produce results.  She stands for everything that you believe a realtor to be.  Stephanie specializes in the sale of residential and commercial property in the Avalon Region of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Prior to real estate, Stephanie oversaw the public relation campaigns, marketing and daily operations of a 10,000 sq/ft fitness center in Mount Pearl with her partner in business and in life Sean Trask which they eventually sold before entering the world of parenthood and real estate.


Why Stephanie is Different:

Leveraging skills and experience as an entrepreneur, domain investor and digital marketer I understand how the process of buying and selling property can appear to be challenging and complicated.  That's why I  have a team of licensed contractors on call, web designers, IT on staff and strong relationships with industry professionals in place to better help you.  If there's a way online or offline to get your property SOLD for TOP dollar or to help you and your family get approved for a mortgage at the best rates... hands down I have the contacts and resources in place to get the job done.  I am known for outstanding service, day/evening/weekend availability, advanced marketing skills and as a strong negotiator with your best interest always at heart.  I strongly believe in Clarke Real Estate and their "family owned and operated" ethical values.  My introduction to Clarke Real Estate was at first a client of the successful purchase and sale of two separate properties.  I liked the company so much, I joined the brokerage!  Whether you are buying or selling, I expect to have to earn your trust.  That's why I work hard for you, your family and why I love this industry.  I promise you'll love the service and low rate starting @ 2.99% I provide.  Give me a call, text or e-mail to reach me in person.  I will help you.



Combine selling your home at low rates starting @ 2.99%, your property featured on not just one website but FIVE+ MLS® system driven websites I own that will give your property the ATTENTION it deserves... you will notice a drastic difference in the service, pride, attention to detail and results I provide.  But, you can be the judge and jury on that.  The choice of how you proceed is always yours to make.  All I can do is offer you my skills, exclusive resources, contacts and access to town specific websites that get A LOT of traffic and produce results.  You decide whether you want to have me work for you or not.  


In My Free Time:

I  enjoy time with family and friends, traveling (VIVA CUBA,) developing my next project Property Management, reading and graphic design.

I am a firm believer in giving back and am particularly passionate about animal cruelty and rescue.  Together as a famil, I live with the love of my life and our children we raise together in our ranch style property.  it is together, we provide a loving home to our adopted three rescued cats and our lovable "Mack" who is high energy and rapidly growing (protective) German Shepherd/Husky mix, our friendly yet protective not so little giant who has a heart of gold.  

I look forward to getting to know you as a person and helping to make things easier for you to achieve your goals in life.


Kindest Regards,

Stephanie Yetman, Licenced Realtor®
Call/ Text: 709-597-5789

Specialty: Residential, Commercial, Land, first time buyers, relocation, investment properties

Area Covered: Avalon Region. Carbonear, Harbour Grace, Victoria, Bay Roberts, Spaniards Bay, Tilton, North River, South River, Shearstown, Salmon Cove

Languages Spoken: English